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LCoG Design 0.1

Early design document

An early design document. Much has changed but not everything - this is where it all started (well if you don't count hundreds of games of VGA Planets).

LCOG Gameplay v0.2

Simpler economy, more ship building

This new version of the game, aims to minimize the micromanagement of player economies, in favour of more dynamic strategy based on the disposition and deployment of a players fleet.

Hull Classification Rules for V0.2

List of hull names and simple rules about which class a ship will be given.

Tech for v0.2.1

Updated technology specs for v0.2.1 game - main addition are sensors.

Speeds by Engines and Mass for v0.2.1

Quick table of speed based on number of engines and ship mass.

Game: Waiting for God

Turn: 0

Scenario: Open ended


Faction Player Planets Ships Ship Mass Score
Steves Faction Jim 1 0 0 10
The Morthanveld Alex 1 0 0 10

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