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Alderson - A PBEM of Galactic strategy

Hopefully get some inspiration for LCOG

A long, long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away... Or maybe in our future, here, in the Milky Way? Who knows what surprises the future holds for the human race. One thing is sure, there is no one out there, or we'd have met them. The star lanes were thought to be too difficult anyway. Until Alderson. He theorised that weak points exist in the fabric of the space-time, out at the fringes of gravity wells. From those weak points, one could "jump" to another weak point.

Game: Waiting for God

Turn: 0

Scenario: Open ended


Faction Player Planets Ships Ship Mass Score
Steves Faction Jim 1 0 0 10
The Morthanveld Alex 1 0 0 10

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