Ideas for v0.3

For the next game

Fighter bay allows you to launch fighters in combat that behave like tiny ships.

Mining Laser - adds 10% energy production to planet if built on planet or on ship in orbit

Blockade Mines - built in orbit around a planet and stops that planet from producing energy until destoyed. why wouldnn't you just attack the planet?

Minefield - built around a planet and chance to hit any ship arriving or leaving

Ion Cannon - in combat disables ships that are hit - v long recharge rate for weapon

ships with engines destroyed by a critical hit - implement drift and slow rotate instead of stationary

landing craft - no longer able to capture an enemy planet

attack craft - able to capture unarmed enemy planets

fortifiaction - each fortification built on planet negates one attack craft, so a planet with 5 fortifications can only be taken over by a ship with 6 attack craft

sensors - all ships have sensors at present, remove ability to see ships when in orbit around a planet

enhahced sensors - longer range

advanced sensor (better name?) - allows ship to see ships in orbit around other planets

cloaking device

loki device - decloaks any ship within certain range

tachyon sensor - can see cloaked ships

repair droids - repairs damage during and after combat

transporter beams - allow you to colonise from range - 25 or 50LY?

engines - faster and faster engines - antimatter drive & hyperdrive

jumpdrive - like planets HYP order?

jump gate - allows instant travel to another jumpgate

jump engine - allows instant travel to a jump gate

beams - allow beams to target torpedoes?  or add new beam tech that can, point defence lasers?

mine sweepers - allow beams, or new tech to destroy mine fields

Factory - create max build size for factory and then add higher tech that can build more

Chameleon device - either make your ship appear with different components, or different faction

Allies - separate options for mutual research, mutual defence and mutual intelligence (scans)


Posted by Jim in Development on 20 Apr 2010

Game: Waiting for God

Turn: 0

Scenario: Open ended


Faction Player Planets Ships Ship Mass Score
Steves Faction Jim 1 0 0 10
The Morthanveld Alex 1 0 0 10

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