Tech for v0.2.1

Name Description Cost Mass Requirements
 Engine  Lets your ships move across the map, as well as in combat.  Movement now uses mass to determine max speed. 100  20  None
 Beam  Most basic armament - fires for a short period of time hitting target repeatedly. They fire with a 60 degree arc and multiple beams will target ships independently.  50 5  None
 Factory  Simply allows you to issue the build order to a ship or planet. No benefit in having more than one except redundancy.  1000  300   None
 Landing Craft  Built on a ship to allow you to issue the colonise order and take ownership of new planets. You can colonise unowned planets, or planets that have no weapons.  500  500   None
Lab Produces 1 research point per turn. 10x more expensive than v0.2 500 50 None
Steel Plating Armour. By adding mass to your ship you take less damage in combat and reduces the chance of a vital component being destroyed by a critical hit. 25 50 None
Torpedo High speed, high payload weapon that will track it\'s target once fired. More damage than a beam but takes longer to load.
160 10 Quantum 1
Enhanced Beam Improved fire duration and faster recharge than standard beams. 70 8 Fields 1
Quantum 1
Shield Used to deflect beam weapons. Can be active for a short period of time and then must recharge. Reduces beam damage to 33% of normal.
400 25 Fields 2
Long Range Beam Slower recharge but much longer range than standard beams. 60 6 Quantum 2
Plasteel Armour Lighter armour - allowing you to protect you better against criticals with less impact to engines. 30 30 Engineering 2
enhanced sensor Add 50% to scan range. 100 25 Fields 2
Engineering 2
geo scanner See energy production of planets at half scan range. 300 40 Fields 2
Engineering 2
Quantum 2
Ion Drive Provides 50% better engines.  Not speed however - it gives this benefit in terms of extra engines. So a ship with one Ion drive will travel at 105LY per turn and two ion drives at 120LY. 140 20

Engineering 2
Quantum 3

Repair Bay Lets the ship repair itself and other ships without requiring a factory. 100 20 Engineering 3
Blaster Higher powered than normal beams and fire for a very short period before reloading for a very short period producing a pulse attack. 120 10 Engineering 1
Fields 3
Quantum 4
advanced sensor Add 100% to scan range. 250 30 Fields 3
Engineering 4
bio scanner Allows you to see planet ownership at half scan range. 300 30 Fields 4
orbit scanner See ships in orbit at half scan range. 300 30 Quantum 4
telemetry array combines a bio, orbit and geo scanner on one. 500 40 Fields 4
Engineering 4
Quantum 4
Enhanced Shield Reduces beam damage down to just 20% and can stay active for longer and reloads quicker than standard shield. 800 30 Engineering 2
Fields 5
Plasma Torpedo Relatively low damage but with a very high chance of causing a critical hit and destroying a component on the target ship. 220 10 Fields 2
Quantum 5
Antimatter Drive 80% more efficient engines. 200 30 Fields 5
Engineering 3
Quantum 3

Posted by Jim in Gameplay on 17 Jun 2010

Game: Waiting for God

Turn: 0

Scenario: Open ended


Faction Player Planets Ships Ship Mass Score
Steves Faction Jim 1 0 0 10
The Morthanveld Alex 1 0 0 10

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